Meet Us - Flirtin' With Color is a passion driven, woman owned business. We search out and bring to you an array of Women's Misses and Curvy Clothing, Jewelry, and Unique Finds! One of my priorities is to be inclusive of all sizes of women.

We cannot think of anything more rewarding than sharing our unique clothing and jewelry finds with YOU! And, we can proudly say that many of the items we offer are made in the USA!

 Meet Me - My name is Angel and I hold a B.S. in Interior Design. Over the years, I have designed numerous interiors, primarily in the commercial arena, and also a bit in the residential spectrum. I am passionate about coordinating home fashions and wearable fashions to be just perfect!

As a designer, my clients and colleagues alike, pay attention to my appearance. The image I portray shows my particular style, creativity, and unforgettable character. Would you hire a designer who did not have a well designed home or was dressed poorly?.....NOOOOO! I was very young when I developed my love for fashion, whether it be home goods or wearable fashions, and it has benefited me greatly.

I have a keen desire to share that passion with you which finds me here as an Internet Retailer. I hope your purchases from our store will brighten your day in a simple, but special way!


Flirtin’ With Color